Press Parking Permit :

  • Each registered media company is eligible for 4 parking permits.
  • The monthly contribution for the first media parking permit is Awg 25.00.
  • The monthly contribution for the second, third and fourth media parking permit is Awg 50.00.
  • The media parking permit is valid for all parking zone, but the vehicle cannot be parked for more than four hours in the same zone.
  • If the permit holder exceeds the four-hour parking limit in the same zone, a fine may be imposed on the vehicle.
  • The permit must be paid by the 5th of each month. Failure to pay will result in a fine imposed on the vehicle.
  • If the permit holder goes on vacation or does not use the parking permit, the monthly contribution must still be paid.
  • The permit holder is responsible for attaching the permit sticker securely to the inside of the windshield, making sure that it is easily visible for inspection purposes.
  • If the permit holder fails to pay the monthly contribution for two consecutive months, their permit with Aruparking will be automatically revoked.
  • If the permit holder loses their permit sticker or it becomes damaged, they must apply for a new one at the Aruparking office, at a cost of Awg 25.
  • If the permit holder prefers to make the monthly contribution payment online, it can be conveniently processed through our CMB bank account #63390900, ensuring to include the permit number indicated on the sticker as a payment reference for proper identification.

Required documents:

  • Copy of Vehicle Registration (SIAD)
  • Media batch or Work Letter
  • Valid ID.
  • Copy of KVK