Maternity Parking Permit :

  • Each person is allowed one (1) special parking permit.
  • Individuals with the special parking permit can only park for free in spaces assigned with a wheelchair and the corresponding sign.
  • The vehicle with the special permit cannot be parked for more than three (3) hours in the same space.
  • Regular hourly rates apply for parking in all other white spaces.
  • The permit is valid throughout the entire duration of your pregnancy.
  • Each person is responsible for attaching the special permit sticker securely to the inside of the windshield, making sure that it is easily visible for inspection purposes.
  • Individuals with an expired special parking permit are not allowed to park in spaces assigned for special parking.
  • If a person loses their special parking permit sticker or it becomes damaged, they must apply for a new one at the Aruparking office, at a cost of Awg 25.

Required documents:

  • Copy of car registration (insurance) in the name of the person registering.
  • Census paper of AWG 5.
  • A letter from a doctor confirming that the person is pregnant, including their full name and letter should not be older than 3 months.
  • Valid driver’s license.