1What are the hours of parking meter enforcement?
Parking meters are enforced Monday to Saturday, from 9:00AM till 3:00PM unless otherwise posted.
2What are the parking rates?
The first 2 hours are 2,00 AWG. Each 30 minutes after that is 1,00AWG. Minimum purchase is 15 minutes for 0,50AWG Special Saturday Rate: First 3 hours are 2,00 AWG.
3When parking time expires. Do I have "extra time" to add additional parking time?
Yes, there is an additional grace period of 15minutes to extend your parking time.
4What should I do if the parking meter is not working?
The best thing to do is to move to another meter and report the broken meter to the Aruparking office at 5202323. Be sure to note the parking meter before you call. The parking meter number can be found on either side of the machine.
5What can I use to pay for the parking meter?
Local coins, US coins, Aruparking smartcard, iParkme App & Credit card*
*Where available
6Does the parking meter provide change?
7What is a Parking Smartcard?
A Parking Smartcard is a prepaid parkingmeter card which is encoded with a computer chip that enables the public to purchase a predetermined amount of parking for use at the meters.
8What do I do if my Parking Smartcard does not work?
Visit the Aruparking office at Wilhelminastraat 13.
9Do people with disabilities have to pay meters?
Yes. Regular rates apply.
10When will my vehicle be towed?
- Parking time expired after 3 hours
- Parked in no parking area/space
- Parked in handicap space after 3 hours
- Parked in reserved or assigned space (yellow space)
- Blocking driveway or access
- Blocking other vehicle
- Parked in 2 spaces
- Parked in incorrect Parking zone & area (Permit Holders)
- Permit not paid for the month (Permit Holders)
- Permit sticker is not visible (Permit Holders) after 3 hours
11What do I do if my car is towed?
Payments must be made in person at the office at Wilhelminastraat 13. For any questions, please call Aruparking office at 5202323.(Office hours: 9:00AM - 5:00PM)
12What if I cannot make the payment on the date my has been towed?
There will be an additional storage fee of 25,00 AWG added to the amount that has to be paid for you vehicle to be released.
13Who can I contact if I have questions?
Contact Aruparking at 5022323 or email: info@aruparking.com (Representatives are available from 9:00AM - 5:00PM)