Employee permit

  • 1 permit per employee.
  • Monthly fee of AWG 60.00.
  • Aruparking will designate a zone where employees’ permit is valid.
  • Car must be parked in that zone.
  • Permit must be paid before the 3rd of each month, otherwise a fine will be imposed on the employee.
  • Car will receive a sticker to be stuck on the inside of the windscreen. Employee must ensure that the sticker is visible for checking purposes.
  • On the expiration of the permit, the employee must pay the normal rate.
  • Employees’ permit is valid for one year.
  • If employee has not parked in the applicable zone, regular rates apply.
  • If you lose your sticker or your sticker is torn, you must visit the office of Aruparking to apply for a new one, at your own expense, amounting to AWG 25.

Required documents:

  • Copy registration (license plate) of the car.
  • Certificate of registration Civil Registry.
  • Proof of the employer.